User Guide to Buying Antiques Online

User Guide to Buy User Guide to Buying Antiques Online

We at Antique Indian always do our best to make sure we have genuine antiques from the industry's most trusted dealers. Ensuring people buying antiques can do so with confidence - here are some top tips from Antique Indian Craft for anyone looking to buy antiques online:
• Do your research on the antique you're buying - If a claim is made on the description to add value to the item, do your research and make sure it is a genuine claim before you buy both on and offline.
• Trusted Payment Method - when purchasing online, make sure you buy with a trusted payment method.  Antique Indian Craftused PayPal, a trusted payment method.
• Condition - always check with the antique seller what the condition the antique is in.  An image taken a year or 2 ago, may not represent the condition it is in today.  Antique Indian Craft has a Declaration of Authenticity all our antiques must abide by.
• Delivery - find out the delivery cost of an item before buying it.