Gift a Beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Bookmark - Enhancing Reading Experience

It is impossible to replicate the joys of reading a real book. Reading off a screen can scarcely be as satisfying as reading a real book. And if you love actual books, you certainly know thejoy of possessing great handcrafted bookmarks. is dedicated to those who appreciate the real pleasures of both – real books and gorgeous handcrafted wooden bookmarks.

Book lovers know a book is incomplete without a bookmark. What's more, if the bookmark is handmade, and of varying characteristics of wood, combined with the artistic talent of Indian artisans, it's completely indispensable.

Presenting you with a range of wooden bookmarks, made using hand-selected, sustainably harvested wood, celebrates the natural beauty of wood. We do so by providing you products that allow its glory to be showcased. Our passion leads us to showcase unique bookmarks that only come from a handcrafted process. has experience of many handcrafted bookmark designs.  Now we're excited that the new site is giving us a good place to organize and show them off.  Of course we also love that our other antique and handicraft products have a new store shelf to hang out on too!

In our small way, we at feel that we're helping to inspire more readers to do more reading. And we invite you to enjoy the natural beauty of one of finely crafted wooden bookmarks, handmade from sustainable woods, and listed on our website. Each bookmark is one-of-a-kind due to the varying characteristics of wood, combined with the artistic talent of Indian artisans.

Happy Reading!